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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent full of lint? Get your Inglewood dryer vent cleaned by Angel.

Inglewood Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

It’s absolutely vital that you keep your dryer vent clean in order to prevent mold and fire. To keep your dryer vent clean, be sure to give us a call. If your dryer can’t vent properly, it will not be working as well as it was before, and you risk starting a devastating fire.

The process of letting out moisture from your dryer will also get it full of lint. This lint can start some pretty bad fires if not taken care of. Almost 3,000 of these fires happen every year. If you’re worried about your dryer vents in Inglewood, call Angel right now.

How Dryer Vents Work

When a dryer blasts heated air through your clothes, all of that heat and evaporated moisture has to go somewhere. Just because the water in your clothes is now steam doesn’t mean it is gone. The water still needs to be disposed of elsewhere. All of that air and steam must escape through the dryer vent.

As the air flows through the vent, anything small enough to be carried by it is going to flow with the air. This includes any fibers that came off your clothes during the drying process. Over time, your dryers start to clog with this lint. Then it is time to contact an Inglewood dryer vent cleaning service.

How Dryer Fires Start

That lint stays inside the dryer vent for a long time. While it can be pushed by the escaping air, it’s too heavy to escape altogether. Every time you use your dryer, the amount of lint gets bigger and bigger.

As this lint gets bigger, it’s also continuously exposed to the heat of the escaping air. Once this kindling gets large enough, it can catch fire inside the vent. This is, obviously, not good. And can lead to horribly devastating housefires if you don’t get an Inglewood dryer cleaning service.

How To Prevent Dryer Fires

To stop this from happening, you can call your local cleaning service and ask for your dryer vents to be cleaned out. A clean, clear vent is the best way to combat this dangerous fire hazard. Without lint in the way, there’s nothing to ignite the flames, and your dryer vent is safe.

It’s imperative that you keep track of your dryer vent lint. Your household and the rest of Inglewood will thank you for not putting them at risk with your carelessness as long as you regularly keep track of your dryer’s lint buildup.

Call Us For Dryer Vent Cleaning In Inglewood

Angel Carpet Cleaning in Inglewood is happy to help you out and provide dryer vent cleaning services. We offer same-day appointments for dryer vent cleaning in Inglewood. So if you’re concerned that you might be at risk of a fire, please give us a call, and we’ll help you out as soon as we can.


Should you have your dryer vent regularly cleaned?

Getting regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning is paramount to home fire protection. It’s vital for preventing devastating house fires. Reach out to Angel to schedule an Inglewood dryer vent cleaning today.

When do you need your dryer vent cleaned?

You should have your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. If you’re noticing an overflow of lint, this is a sign that the vent is overpacked. But by the time this is noticeable, the home has been at risk for some time. You want to request an Inglewood dryer vent cleaning before this.

Are fires caused by dryer vents?

Many homes have been burnt down due to unattended dryer vents. Make sure to get yours cleaned regularly to prevent this from happening. The best form of prevention is to hire an Inglewood dryer vent cleaning service.

What does it mean if your dryer lint trap isn’t collecting lint?

This happens when the vent is getting backed up with lint. You should get dryer vent cleaning in Inglewood as soon as possible.

Are dryer fires common?

Approximately 3,000 dryer fires happen every year. And it’s no wonder: a combination of lint and heat is not a fire-safe mix.

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