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Angel Carpet Cleaning In Inglewood

So what exactly is the Angel Carpet Cleaning difference?

If you need your living space cleaned, look no further than Angel Carpet Cleaning. We’re ready to service the entire Inglewood area, and we’ll meet your cleaning needs in no time at all. Call us today and see why people prefer Angel Carpet Cleaning.

If you need a cleaning service in Inglewood, Gardena, Compton, Hawthorne, and surrounding areas give Angel Carpet Cleaning a call! We offer a large variety of cleaning services, all with the same quality and efficiency that our technicians at Angel Carpet Cleaning have always offered.

What makes us different is we adhere to a strict policy guided by our core principles. These fundamental goals help us ensure every service is done properly with the best cleaning methods. Angel Carpet Cleaning’s four core principles are :

  1. Same-Day Appointments
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Environmental Safety
  4. Friendly Staff

Leaving our customers satisfied at the end of each appointment is what keeps Angel Carpet Cleaning motivated to provide the people of Hawthorne with quality services. That’s one of the reasons why we do more than just carpet cleaning. We want every home and business to have plenty of options!

Our highly-trained staff can assist you with cleaning your rugs, mattresses, tiled floors, dryer vents, and upholstered furniture. We understand you have more cleaning needs than just your carpet, which is why we have specialized our expertise in cleaning all of these areas. 

1. Same-Day Appointments

Being ready to answer calls is one of the most important qualities of any carpet cleaning company. At Angel Carpet Cleaning, we have technicians on standby prepared to arrive the same day for your appointment. This creates faster transition times so they can get to work as soon as possible.

We take a flexible approach to scheduling our appointments so when technicians are assigned a job, we continue fielding calls to set up more appointments for the rest of their day. We made the decision several years ago to organize our business this way to increase efficiency and offer more availability to customers.

We understand Hawthorne and the rest of the South Central community expects fast response times and someone they can depend on to show up promptly. Angel Carpet Cleaning aims to do exactly that every single time and provide the same level of consistency with each appointment. 

2. Quality Assurance

Our skilled team doesn’t stop at making scheduling fast and convenient, we also follow through and make your carpets feel fresh. The quality of our cleaning service extends well beyond carpet and into the tiled flooring of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as upholstered couches, pillows, and curtains. 

Do you have a tough stain or unpleasant smell that needs to be removed? Angel Carpet Cleaning has a technician with the cleaning know-how to properly treat the area. That fresh smell you get in a new house or office building is what we’re going for. You should be able to notice a professional cleaning afterward! 

Homemade spot cleaners and cleaning concoctions only go so far when it comes to cleaning surfaces. If you want a thorough cleaning, it takes a professional touch and the right equipment to execute it perfectly. Deep stains and odors react differently to certain chemicals and knowing which combinations to use is something we’ve mastered in the last decade of being in business. 

3. Environmental Safety

Knowing which chemicals to use and how they’ll perform when mixed with other cleaning agents is a crucial part of the process. Some carpet cleaning chemicals can be dangerous in the open air when blended with other cleaning solutions. The people of Hawthorne can be assured that Angel Carpet Cleaning only uses environmentally safe chemicals.

The conscious decision was made because we believe in leaving a minimal footprint on the environment while also prioritizing the health and safety of our customers. Green carpet cleaning products reduce potential pollution and contamination situations that are harmful to the South Central LA neighborhoods. 

Angel Carpet Cleaning will always do whatever it takes to keep the people of Gardena, Compton, and Hawthorne safe from unnatural cleaning chemicals. Your safety is important to us and we feel obligated to give everyone a green carpet cleaning option. Everyone deserves eco-friendly cleaning choices and that’s why we’re here. 

4. Friendly Staff

In the last decade of running a carpet cleaning business, we’ve received more compliments on our friendly staff than anything else. We get our fair share of praise for cleaning carpets too, but the connection we form with our customer base is unmatched. South Central LA knows they can rely on Angel Carpet Cleaning without question.

We treat everyone with kindness and respect because it’s the way we should all act. Our staff is no different and goes to work every day with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. What’s more perfect than having a fresh-smelling house and being in the company of good people? Angel Carpet Cleaning passes along the friendliness so you can show off your clean home to friends and family!


Easy cleaning solutions for your home

Carpet cleaning

We can give you the best carpet cleaning solutions around - no matter how bad your stains are. Call us for your Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena, or Compton carpet cleaning needs!

Rug cleaning

Worry not about your rug cleaning needs - we have you covered! We’re available in Inglewood, Gardena, Hawthorne, Compton, or Gardena with same-day scheduling and great rates!

Upholstery cleaning

Do you need upholstery cleaning near Compton? We can meet your upholstery cleaning needs, whether it’s cotton, silk, denim, or any other woven material.

Mattress cleaning

Your mattress is one of the few things that you use every single day. We know how important mattress cleaning is, and we’re ready to help.

Tile & grout cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services are top-of-the-line, and we can get it done in a snap! We service anywhere in Gardena, Compton, or Hawthorne, so call today!

Dryer vent cleaning

It’s important to keep your dryer vent clean and prevent mold and fire. If you need dryer vent cleaning, be sure to give us a call.


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Angel Carpet Cleaning

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Common questions and answers

What should I look for when hiring a cleaning service?

A good Inglewood carpet cleaning service is fast, reliable, and has reasonable rates. At Angel Carpet Cleaning, we offer exactly this: fast, reliable service at the perfect rates. If you want a good Compton carpet cleaning service, give us a call and see our difference.

Do I need a deep carpet cleaning?

Deep carpet cleaning is used for stains that are deep-set into your carpets. If you’re having trouble getting tough stains out of your carpets, you might benefit from a deep carpet cleaning. Call one of our carpet cleaning technicians and ask about whether or not you’d benefit from a deep carpet cleaning.

Should I steam clean my carpets?

Whether or not your carpets would benefit from steam cleaning depends on a few factors. Some carpets are too fragile to handle the equipment used in steam cleaning. If your carpet has a lot of heavy foot traffic, it might not have the proper time to dry. Call one of our technicians and ask if steam cleaning is right for you.

Can cleaning a rug harm the fibers?

Some types of cleaning are more aggressive than others. On top of that, some rug fibers are more sensitive than others. Rest assured, all rugs have their own cleaning style, and our technicians will know what will work for your rug.

Who does dryer vent cleaning?

Our technicians at Angel Carpet Cleaning can meet all of your dryer vent cleaning needs in Inglewood. We can get the job done quickly, reliably, and at great rates. Try Angel Carpet Cleaning for your dryer vent.

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