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A Common Sense Guide To Upholstery Cleaning

Posted on January 3, 2023

Don’t let your upholstery fall apart and degrade without trying to do something about it. There are several things you can be doing that will benefit the health and well-being of your upholstery.

Even with a name as specific as Angel Carpet Cleaning, our expertise extends to cleaning upholstery and other fabric surfaces. We would like to share some of our professional knowledge with you so that you can extend the life of your furniture.


A cover acts as a barrier to protect your upholstery from daily wear and tear as well as a shield against spills and sudden stains. These covers can range in effectiveness, but the thicker they are, the more effective they will be. Less porous covers like vinyl and plastic will remove the softness and comfort of your upholstery, but they are the most effective barriers.

Even though a cover will prevent the constant transfer of everything that touches your upholstery, similar to a bed, it is not going to be a foolproof barrier. Just like cleaning your sheets does not get you out of eventually needing mattress cleaning, an upholstery cover does not stave off the need for upholstery cleaning forever.


Dirt and debris might not pose a risk of staining your upholstery, but they can begin to break down the fabric fibers and wear the material out. This happens the same way that the constant tide erodes a mountain. It takes time and is easy enough to prevent with vacuuming.

The only thing complicated about vacuuming upholstery is finding the right attachment and thoroughly going over the contours and crevices to pull out everything that poses a risk to your furniture. The equipment will not be as unwieldy and specific as what steam cleaning services in Inglewood use, but a handheld vacuum is often easier to use than a hose and nozzle vacuum.

Addressing Stains

Stains happen. It is rarely up to you whether they are left behind on your upholstery or not. However, what happens immediately after a stain is discovered is entirely up to you. But what should you do? Start by trying to remove as much of the substance as possible without pushing it deeper into the fabric or spreading it.

You are not a professional cleaning technician, but you know how to dab an absorbent white paper towel on a spill. The first step in addressing a stain is simply minimizing the exposure your upholstery has to the staining substance. After that, you will have to look into correctly cleaning that particular stain.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

In certain circumstances, the best thing you will be able to do for your furniture is to call for upholstery cleaning. What situations call for this? Any time there is a stain you do not feel comfortable trying to remove, call for assistance from a professional cleaner.

Common troublesome stains include blood, grease (even from food), wine, etc. If the stain has a dramatically different color than your upholstery, it is going to be more difficult to remove yourself. Don’t sacrifice your upholstery on the altar of attempted DIY cleaning. Use an expert cleaning service.

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