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5 Reasons To Clean Your Mattress

Posted on March 29, 2022

You might know that your mattress could use a little TLC, but is mattress cleaning enough to solve your problem? In this article, we will take a look at a few of the most common reasons most people find it beneficial to clean their mattresses. 

Problems with a mattress can range in severity, from a mild nuisance to wanting to throw out the bed altogether. And it might shock you to discover that mattress cleaning services can improve and, in some cases, solve all of these problems.

1. Allergies

To some degree, anything dirty will lower the air quality of the room that it is in. But if you find that vacuuming and dusting are not solving your sneezing fits, watering eyes, or rashes, investigate the cleanliness of your mattress.

Sure, you clean the dead skin cells and pollen deposits off your sheets when you wash them, but this is not enough. Whatever your thread count, the fabric is porous enough to let some part of what is on your skin, clothes, etc., deposit into the mattress itself.

2. Stains

Just as irritants can seep through the sheets into the mattress, staining substances can also flow through. Visually, stains can be rather unsettling. This is reason enough for mattress cleaning, but stains can also have unpleasant textures.

Whether the staining residue is coarse, sticky, flakey, or has some other non-ideal feel, this can reduce the comfortability of the bed. When you are lying on an uncomfortable surface, the quality of your sleep will decline as you struggle to enter a night of deep, restful sleep.

3. Odor

Sometimes that smell, which just won’t go away, is coming from the mattress. A mattress does not necessarily need to have a visible stain to be emitting a potent aroma. Just like clothing, you will start smelling an odor before it looks dirty. But this can be handled with mattress cleaning.

Having any part of your living accommodations giving off a bad scent lowers your standard of living. And any smell could potentially lower the quality of the air you breathe, as well as unsettle visitors. Also, a smelly room can be a lot harder to fall asleep in.

4. Bed Bugs

One of the worst pests to take up residence in your home are bed bugs. But before you throw your mattress out on the curb or set it on fire, give cleaning a try. Many carpet cleaning services provide deep mattress cleaning that can remove harmful pests like bed bugs.

Even if you do not have bed bugs, per se, pesky critters like dust mites will still be removed via mattress cleaning. These bugs are microscopic and subsist on a diet of dead skin cells, so they are often found in rarely cleaned fabrics such as mattresses and carpets.

5. Longevity

The better you take care of your mattress, the longer it will last you. Rather than replacing a problematic bed, just take advantage of mattress cleaning services in Inglewood and surrounding areas. Cleaning can improve mattresses, even going as far as restoring them to a fresh from the factory clean.

In that way, mattress cleaning is going to save you from having to invest in a new mattress. It will also save you the time it takes to look for another mattress. Keep what you have, and just make sure it is staying in the condition you need it in.

A Final Word

Removing allergens, odors, and the critters who want to take a bite out of you all contribute to better sleep quality. But besides the accumulating perks of mattress cleaning leading to a night of more restful sleep, you can extend the usability of a mattress by cleaning it properly.

Ready to solve the issue with your bed? You can contact Angel Carpet Cleaning and request our exemplary mattress cleaning services.

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