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5 Post-Carpet Cleaning Tips For Better Results

Posted on November 1, 2022

Carpet cleaning in Inglewood is best handled by the professionals at Angel. Our highly skilled technicians have the experience to deal with any mess and have your home looking fresh! But in between Inglewood carpet cleaning appointments, there are a few things you can do to help your carpets even more.

Carpet cleaning in Inglewood is all about consistency. Angel brings the same level of quality to every job we schedule, but there’s always room for improvement. The weeks and months leading up to another one of our Inglewood carpet cleaning appointments can be very beneficial. These five post-carpet cleaning tips will produce better results and keep your carpets healthy. 

1. Let Carpet Dry

After carpet cleaning in Inglewood, it’s important to give your living space some time to dry. Angel prides itself on having the fastest dry times because we apply the perfect amount of moisture and pressure during our Inglewood carpet cleaning service. However, your carpets will still need a brief window of time to fully dry out.  

2. Increase Air Circulation

More air circulation always speeds up the drying process after carpet cleaning in Inglewood. The fibers in your carpet react with the warm air molecules and begin to lose moisture at a much faster rate. It’s simple science at work! The slightest breeze can translate to quicker results and get your carpets back to normal.  

You should also consider turning up the heat or turning off your air conditioning after carpet cleaning in Inglewood. If the weather outside is pleasant, open a few windows and turn on any ceiling fans to generate more air circulation. Adequate ventilation from every available source will speed up the evaporation and drying process.

3. Keep Off!

Most people don’t have a hard time staying off their carpets after Angel’s professional service – it’s mainly children and pets. We promise everyone, including your furry companions, will have an opportunity to enjoy your fresh-smelling carpets once they’ve dried. The first hour after carpet cleaning in Inglewood is crucial for the best results. 

After that, some carpets are ready to go and can withstand regular use. Situations vary depending on how much ventilation the room is getting and the humidity. Feel free to keep checking after Angel’s Inglewood carpet cleaning and determine when it’s time to resume activities. 

4. Move Furniture Later

Rushing to move your furniture back into position is one of the worst things you can do after carpet cleaning in Inglewood. Once you cover wet carpet, it makes it almost impossible to get enough circulation to that spot. This means your carpet will dry unevenly when it could’ve been prevented easily. 

If you’re not sure how long to wait before putting your furniture back, call Angel and ask! Our technicians will be able to give you a straight answer because our Inglewood carpet cleaning system is reliable and produces faster wait times than the competition. 

5. Use Natural Cleaning Products

Organic ingredients contribute to the speed of our Inglewood carpet cleaning dry times. Natural cleaning products don’t leave behind chemical residue and harsh smells that linger. We execute carpet cleaning in Inglewood with eco-friendly products for optimal results, which is exactly what you should be doing too!

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